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Frequently Asked Questions about this FREE IQ TEST

    This is the list of Frequently-Asked Questions about this online IQ Test. It is restricted to questions about this online test and about the solution offered by this website:

1. What is the number of questions that I have to answer to?
    The number of questions of this online test is 60.

2. Is there a limit of time for this test?
    No, there is not, but we recommend not to exceed about 60 minutes in solving it online.

3. What does my score mean? How does this online IQ test relate to other intelligence tests?
    Your score is designed to follow the natural bell curve seen in most IQ tests. Therefore, half of all test-takers should find their scores to be within the 80-120 range, which is an average intelligence. 121-150 is above average, and any person scoring above 150 is considered to possess a genius-level intelligence. Our online test is not designed to directly mimic the Binet or other intelligence tests, but instead to accurately plot your intelligence within the natural distribution of test-takers.

4. I took this test randomly and scored higher than my original score! Your test must not be accurate?
    Our test is designed to be taken truthfully and honestly. If those criteria are met, we believe a person's IQ and specific intelligences can be rated and useful information about one's self may be revealed.
    The possibility of blindly selecting answers reveals a weakness in the nature of online testing. It says nothing about the effectiveness of our test, however. We utilize many different factors to create a score, one of them is the time it takes a person to complete the test. If you simply click "True" or "False" without regard to the question, your score will receive a bonus for a quick exam. Also, since the test is a True/False test, you should get near 50% correct by simply guessing.

5. Do I have to be signed in on this site to have this Test?
    No. To have this online IQ Test you don't have to sign in. You don't even have to give your e-mail address.

6. What is the e-mail address usefull to in the case of the result of this test?
    The e-mail address is not used to calculate the result. It only gives us the possibility to monthly send you e-mails to inform you about other intelligence or personality tests that you can have on our site.

7. The Meaning of I.Q.
     I.Q. or intelligence quotient is a general assessment of your ability to think and reason. Your I.Q. score is actually an indication of how you compare in this ability with the majority of people in your age group. A rating of 100, for example, means that, as compared to the majority of other people in your age group, you have a normal rate of intelligence: Most psychologists consider those failing in the range of 95-105 as having a normal or average I.Q. Since it is difficult to pinpoint with absolute accuracy, your actual I.Q. may vary 5 points either way from your test score. In addition, there are many factors that may effect your scoring. If you are tired, ill or distracted, your score will be aff ected. Finally, there are many abilities which are not measured by I.Q. testing. For example, I.Q. does not measure musical talent, manual dexterity, or a variety of other abilities. However, I.Q. testing does give you an important indication of your ability to think, reason and solve problems. This is critical to your success in life.

    If you have any other questions, please contact us at contact@iqtest-center.com

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