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Free Online Iq Test - General informations

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About this test

    This IQ Test includes 60 items, or elementary questions. Each item has an abstract drawing, often a group of figures, with a part missing. After examining the matrix you have to chose the unique figure (from the 6-8 possibilities given) that matches the matrix. The test has five 12 questions series. Each serie develops a different subject, as following:
  1. The stability of the relations within the structure of the continuous matrix;
  2. Analogies between the pairs of figures of the matrix;
  3. Progressive changes of the figures inside a matrix;
  4. Permutations of figures inside the matrix;
  5. Descomoposing in elements of the figures inside the matrix.

    Though it includes only one type of tasks, due to the variety of its themes this IQ Test can emphasize the capacity of restructuring (mental mobility/rigidity) and transfer, because the subject has to exercise its solving technique while having the test done.

    Each serie starts with an easy task, to which the result comes fast, followed by 11 questions with increasing level of difficulty. Some of the researches done proved that the increasing of the difficulty level doesn't have to be progressive.

    J.C.Raven's oppinion is that in the genetic research or in the clinical studies it is better not to establish a deadline for finishing a test, because the maximum capacity of clear thinking depends less to this condition and more to the state of health, and it is perfected less through practice than the speed of an intelectual precise activity. Therefore this test has no time limit.

Why this TEST

  • This IQ Test can be done by persons with the age between 8-60 years;
  • It does not require knowledge of mathematics, grammar or literature;
  • It is only based on images;
  • If the IQ Test is given to a child, the parent has to be sure that the child fully understood the instructions. Under no circumstances the child should be helped to pick an answer;
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